Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Free Monopoly HD

Monopoly Arcade Challenge!
-- Requires an active internet connection --
Monopoly Arcade Challenge now available on Android - Free for a limited time
Buy property, charge rent, and get rich. But watch where you land. If your opponent already owns it, you'll have to pay up. And if you end up in jail, you still don't get to pass GO.
• How to Play •
- Click the "stop" button to land on properties you'd like to buy.
- Try to avoid your opponent's properties and other penalties on the board.
- Buy a neighborhood, and you'll get a monopoly bonus.
- The first one to run out of money loses.

Notice: This game requires a high end Android device. This game may require the installation of 3rd-party Adobe Flash Player plugin. This game requires an active internet connection.
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